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Wizzit In Pakistan

Rs. 1299 Rs. 2200 40% off

Smart Health Watch

Rs. 4150 Rs. 4659 10% off

Kemei Professional Ceramic Hair Straightner KM-1291

Rs. 1750 Rs. 2555 31% off

Pro Gemei Exclusive straightner and curler

Rs. 1750 Rs. 2555 31% off

IGemei GM-423 Professional Hair Straightner

Rs. 2450 Rs. 3299 25% off

Smart Health Bracelet Sports K1

Rs. 2099 Rs. 2600 19% off

Pro Wax 100 Hair Removal Wax Machine

Rs. 1699 Rs. 2300 26% off

Salon Express Nail Art Kit

Rs. 999 Rs. 1899 47% off

Voox DD Cream Whitening Body Lotion FOR PRETTY WHITE Skin

Rs. 1600 Rs. 3000 46% off

Professional Keune Hair Straightner

Rs. 1999 Rs. 2500 20% off

VGR navigator Hair Straightner V-505

Rs. 2199 Rs. 2999 26% off

Gemei Hair Dryer GM-1739

Rs. 1250 Rs. 1999 37% off

Sonax Pro SN-6626 hair dryer

Rs. 1050 Rs. 1799 41% off

Men’s Slim Wallet W01

Rs. 1599 Rs. 2499 36% off

Minimal Women Wallet G07

Rs. 1299 Rs. 1999 35% off

Why it is important to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

We see new trends entering the market every day or at least every month. Surprisingly, every improvement comes with a lot of change compared with the previous design, and trend. Frequently changing trends usually baffle us that should we cope up with the trend, or just keep following the way we were. It is the most important question you ask yourself when you are shopping for an event or a festivity.

Laptab believes that following the trend, and updating one’s self with time is the most important factor in defining one’s personality. There could be a number of reasons for that. First off, following fashion trends is a great way for an individual to enjoy their youth and express themselves. And who doesn’t want to stay in tune with the latest fashion trends? All this, and many more! Keeping up with fashion is as important as other activities, and it represents a positive change.

Buy fashion products online in Pakistan

So where to look trendy up-to-date fashion products? Well, of course, you won’t be looking for products only, but their price tags too! Laptab offers its customers great deals! Laptab’s inventory is filled with some of the amazing items present in the market. Why run through the markets when in fact you can find your favorite items on an online store!

Why Laptab?

Laptab has served more than a hundred thousand customers and takes pleasure in serving them with all the gratitude, and love. It carries a good reputation and quality of the products that you can rely on.

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Laptab’s wide variety of products are distinguished in few more sub-categories that include Men’s fashion to keep the men’s profile up to date. All the new items and trendy products are present for you to like and buy them.

Women’s fashion category can never forget! The most enthusiastic, and interesting creatures to keep up with trends.

Interestingly, Laptab has much to offer! Smart Watches are further addition in today’s Fashion, and you can get your hands dirty on one of them at the best available prices in Pakistan. These wonderful timepieces with much to do have become an integral part of the fashion society. Don’t wait, and shop fashion products online.

Laptab has a commitment to deliver at their best. We do not compromise on the quality of the product. You are sold, what you are shown. Brace yourselves up for a mind-blowing online buying experience from Laptab.

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