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ZKTECO I Face 702 Advance Machine

Rs. 20500 Rs. 22999 10% off

ZKTECO Live 20r Usb Figerprint Reader

Rs. 6999 Rs. 8499 17% off

Orico Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock 6629

Rs. 4499 Rs. 5499 18% off

W8 Smart watch with sim card,memory card, camera

Rs. 2199 Rs. 3400 35% off

MK200 Combo Keyboard & Mouse

Rs. 2800 Rs. 3300 15% off

MK260r Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse - USB

Rs. 3199 Rs. 3700 13% off

MK345 Wireless Combo Keyboard and Mouse - USB

Rs. 4899 Rs. 5500 10% off

G310 Gaming Keyboard

Rs. 6999 Rs. 8499 17% off

Steel Series Mouse Pad

Rs. 1199 Rs. 1499 20% off

Branded Webcam

Rs. 999 Rs. 1250 20% off

Razer Mouse Pad Small

Rs. 1174 Rs. 2175 46% off

Zketeco F18 Attendance Machine with 10 month warranty

Rs. 20500 Rs. 22000 6% off


Rs. 35000 Rs. 43500 19% off

Bio Pad100

Rs. 25000 Rs. 32500 23% off

Zkteco S1000 Attendance Machine

Rs. 25000 Rs. 33500 25% off


Rs. 12000 Rs. 18500 35% off


Rs. 25000 Rs. 32500 23% off

Zkteco Ff19

Rs. 23500 Rs. 35000 32% off

2.4 Ghz Wireless Keyboard for all Bluetooth devices

Rs. 1599 Rs. 2499 36% off

Computer Accessories online in Pakistan

Computers have become a part of our daily lives. It is more like as if a personal accessory that has become a need of today’s industry, offices, and even lifestyle. There are lots of multi-purpose computer systems available in the markets that build to assist you in carrying a specific task along with offering other everyday use functionalities. The computer has undoubtedly added values to our lives with efficiency and has made us productive than ever before. These handy, multi-purpose machines act as a personal assistant to us and still resides the capability to equip itself with a lot of more functionalities.

Buy Computer Accessories at Best Prices

The makers of computers have intentionally provided opportunities for its users to improvise their machines as they like. For the very purpose, Laptab resides a wide range of accessories in its online shop to help you get the most out of your machine. The products can help you use, and equip your device in the best way possible. Accessories can distinguish in two categories as basic and advanced. Basic computer accessories are speakers, protectors, cleaning kits, scanner, and printers, to name a few. Advance accessories are portable CD and DVD, gaming equipment, portable hard drives etc.

We have made a list explaining most of the online accessories, shopping in Pakistan that deems as a must need for a smoother experience for you. After all, plays the best role in being computer accessories shop.

Keyboards, and Mouse: These play a significant role in the usage of your computer. Some keyboards and mice are adapted to set on your hands and provide easy access for inputting the data, and surfing without any real trouble.

Presenters: These handy devices flag as ‘must-have’ devices. Presenters let you help in giving a presentation to a big audience or while you are seated. With the help of Presenters, you can point at a specific piece of information in the presentation keeping your audience engaged.

Portable Hard Drives: Also known as External Hard Drives, these easy-to-carry portable HDs can help carry your vast amounts of data at any place without causing you to upload/download information on cloud storage. With the external drives in your hands, data is more readily available with you anytime, anywhere.

Attendance Machines: These machines can help you make your data organized, and all in one place. Quite obviously, it saves you a lot of resources and is easy-to-use technology. Now keep your office up-to-date and your employees engaged.

Apart from the products mentioned earlier, we have much more to offer.

Computer accessories price in Pakistan is very reasonable at our platform. So you can buy Computer Accessories online from here and enjoys superb quality as Laptab would never want you to compromise on products when you buy online. 

Laptab is a growing name in the industry offering a wide range of products, categorically, including Computer AccessoriesKitchen AccessoriesHome decoration and a lot more!

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