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Being on time, and staying consistent is the best medicine for you to succeed. If you do not stay consistent with your hard work, OR your workers usually take an off but do not acknowledge at the end of the month. Then you need to pick up your game. Letting your workers or employers type in their time of coming to the office would cause the record to have tampered as it can be edited easily. Or the possibility is that your employers may not put in the right time of their coming. So what can you do to trace their exact time of sign-in and sign-out? Want to find out? Then read on…

What is an Attendance Machine?

Attendance machines are devices that usually get hung up on a wall. People come and stand in front of the device. The smart device is equipped with a camera and smart (hardware) sensors that recognize you and marks your attendance at that exact moment with the time being displayed at that time. This smart device is small, and does not cost you a lot!

How does it Help?

If you are getting attendances of your employers marked on a register then you would be needing a monthly report of every employer and each one of them needs to be informed separately. You probably will need a particular person to carry out such tasks, Isn’t it? That’s where the Attendance Machines jump in.

These little, handy attendance machines mark the attendances, with exact timings as specified before, and every monthly, or weekly makes a report that every employer can access on an online portal, and thus can take an eye on their performance.


Such additions have helped in offices to increase the consistency and attendance rate of employees high! Not only that, but it personally challenges each employee on their individual level that helps them to become better day by day by setting up short goals that they can achieve every day.

Online Buy Attendance Machines

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