how to install V380 Camera on android phone

How to configure V380 wifi ptz security Camera

Security is Priority for everyone. With advanced technology, and high speed internet/wifi  in Pakistan, people are tend to have wireless security system.  They want to watch their home/office/shop wirelessly on their smartphone without the hassle of expensive network cables and DVRs. For this purpose, security cameras operated through wifi are new trends. Among these ip cameras, V380 cameras are most popular and easy to use. Indeed, V380 is name of app, which is used by many indoor and out door security cameras. Following is Simple step by step method to configure v380 app in various cameras. It is worth to mention that procedure is same despite of various camera shapes like bullet wireless camera or Bulb Security Camrera

Step 1

Switch on your ip wifi v380 Camera

Step 2

Install V380 app through Playstore

V380 app camera

Step 3

Click on local login


Step 4

Go to your smartphone wifi setting, and click on camera builtin wifi signals showing there(most probably, starting from Mv…..)

This wifi camera can also work without external wifi for a range of approximately 50-60 Feet. It means you can watch live through this camera without any wifi from a specific distance.


Step 5

Go to application again, Click on local login again, and then click on “Search for Device”

Step 6

Click on Play, “Current device does not have password” message pop up.

Set your password (Password should be alphanumic characters)

Step 7

Click on Device Setting

Step 8

Click on network setting

Step 9

Check station mode, select your wifi connection, and input its password and save

Step 10

A Message “Configuration change successful “pop up, click on Yes

Above are simple 10 steps through which you may connect your v380 wireless Camera. At, we have variety of indoor and outdoor cameras.  The indoor v380 wireless camera is our hot selling item which can be rotated through your smartphone wirelessly from anywhere, any time. Furthermore , its motion detection Function alarm you about any suspected motion on your Mobile. Moreover, it supports memory card up to 64 GB, and its recording can be accessed remotely. Its two way communication is its another sailent feature, enabling you to listen and talk through it remotely just like an intercom.

Many outdoor V380 Cameras have same feature as above, but few lack PTZ Control  like this wireless Caemra.

If you want to use this wireless CCTV Cameras on Desktop, You may also use Bluestack for this feature. (Will be discussed in another post in detail)


ip-wireless-v380-security -camerav380-outdoor-camera


Please comment below, if you have some thing to understand or any applicatio use

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