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American Poodle Dog

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Key Featuers

  • Pet American Poodle was designed to provide interactive companionship like a real dog.
  • This lovable
  • Animatronic friend responds to both sound and touch just like a real puppy.
  • The Joy For All Companion Pup features a realistic
  • Soft coat
  • Authentic sounds.
  • Can turn its head and respond to sound just like a real dog.


American poodle dogs are the best-in-show winners and impressive. They are elegant and proud to look while intelligent and smart by nature. Similarly, the combination of such original attributes is packed in the attractive American poodle dog toy from LAPTAB to cater to your kids and dog lovers. Toy poodle provides amazing engagement and interactive companionship, just like a real dog. This puppy toy has a soft coat and authentic sounds with the ability to turn his head and respond to sound and touch as well, which feels your contact with a real dog. So this loveable and Animatronic friend proves to be a great companion of yours, just like our Persian cat toy and German shepherd toy dog. Additionally, the fantastic toy, poodle dog price in Pakistan is very reasonable at our platform.

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